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Helping pave the way towards effective tax management, our crypto currency tax experts create meaningful solutions and guide you in cost saving tax strategies.

When you want individualized one on one help, we are your solution. If you no longer want to struggle with understanding tax basis, tax loss harvesting, and capital gains, we can walk you through the ins and outs. We are patient, kind and compassionate. Our job is to assist you with expert tax planning and preparation for years to come. 


Helping you navigate through the world of crypto currency taxes is our specialty. Let us help you make tax savings a reality. 

 With 25 years of combined tax experience our team knows how to get results. We have successfully navigated the delicate waters of tax reconciliation, audits and return filing for many satisfied customers. We work one on one with you to solve your tax problems with effective tax strategies.

We are confident that our team’s many years of tax experience and crypto currency knowledge will be an asset to you.


Our Services

Crypto Currency Tax Reconciliation

With 10 years of crypto currency tax knowledge and 25 years of tax & accounting, our experts are the perfect match to help you reconcile your bitcoin trades while focusing on cost basis and tax loss harvesting.

We help save you money and file any back tax returns.


If you are facing an audit, it is best to be prepared with a knowledgeable team to guide you towards successful resolution.  Our many years of audit representation means you are in good hands. We take the worry out of audit.

Tax Planning

Successful tax planning and wealth building go hand in hand. We work with you to create custom solutions to help you reach your goals while avoiding capital gains and unfavorable tax outcomes.

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